Inrush Current Limiters
Input VoltageInrush Current Limiter
Up To 120vac SL03 - SL08 Series
Up To 240vac SL10 - SL32 Series
Up To 480vac MS15 - MS32 Series
Up To 680vac MS35 Series
Full Line SL03 - MS35
UL & CSA Recognized UL & CSA - SL Series

Inrush Current Limiter Information

Inrush Current Limiters
Power Electronics article on applications of inrush current limiting thermistors - Power Thermistors
Inrush Current FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about inrush current limiting thermistors -Power Thermistors
Inrush Current in Transformers
A sample application of inrush current limiters in transformers.
Inrush Current Causes and Prevention
A summary of what causes inrush current and how it can be addressed.
How To Select An Inrush Current Limiter
More Detailed explanation of selecting an inrush current limiter -Power Thermistor.
Thermal Time Constant
What is the thermal time constant of an inrush current limiter.

Select an Inrush Current Limiter - Power Thermistor

With Inrush Current Calculators

Step 1
Use the maximum allowable inrush current and Ohm's Law to determine the least allowable resistance at turn on for your application.


Lowest Resistance Calculator

Input Voltage
Max Inrush (A)
Lowest Resistance Needed

Step 2
Determine the maximum steady state current that will flow through the Inrush Current Limiter.


Steady State Current Calculator

Vac/P(out) * 90% efficiency
Output Power
Input Voltage
Steady State

Step 3
Using the formula J = ½CV², determine how much input energy the thermistor will absorb when the device is turned on.


Joules Calculator

Voltage (Vpeak)
Capacitance (µF)
Total Energy (J)

Step 4
Select a part from this list or any of the links to datasheets and get samples or click on a link to get it from one of our worldwide partners.