Ametherm - Inrush Current Limiters
MS32 50006-L
UL Rated Inrush Current

Inrush Current Limiters

Thermistors - ISO Approved
Mechanical Specifications (mm)
D: 31.00
T: 8.30
Lead Diameter: 1.20
S: 7.80
L: 38.00
Coating Run Down
Straight Lead
C: 6.70
Inrush Current Limiter Dimensions

Electrical Specifications
Resistance:50 Ω ± 25%
Max Steady State Current up to 65°c6 A
Max Recommended Energy250 J
Actual Energy Failure500 J
Max Capacitance @ 120 VAC:19250 µF
Max Capacitance @ 240 VAC:4341 µF
Max Capacitance @ 480 VAC:1003 µF
Max Capacitance @ 680 VAC:500 µF
Resistance @ 100% Max Current:0 ohm
Resistance @ 50% Max Current:0.7 ohm
BodyTemperature @ Max Current177°c
Dissipation Constant:75.4 mw/°c
Thermal Time Constant:294 mw/s
Material Type (for Beta and Curve)I
MS32 50006-L
Date: 11/11/2008Drawn By: Erin Landis
Ametherm, Inc
961 Fairview Drive
Carson City, NV 89701
Approved By: Mehdi Samii