Inrush Current Limiters for Circuit Protection & 
Thermistors for Temperature Sensing

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Inrush Current Limiters

inrush current limiter full line
  • Special Type of NTC Thermistor
  • Provides "Soft-Start" For Power 
  • Cost-Efective & Simple To Use
  • Recognized by UL and CSA




AS Series
Inrush Current Limiter

inrush current limiters - high power
.5-50 Ohms
6A-50A SSI
300-800 Joules
Fast Reset Time

Inrush Current Limiter

inrush current limiters - high power
.5-220 Ohms
2A-50A SSI
75-900 Joules
High Power

Inrush Current Limiter

inrush current limiters - high current
.2-120 Ohms
3A-36A SSI
65-250 Joules
High Current

Inrush Current Limiter

inrush current limiters - standard
.5-220 Ohms
2A-10A SSI
10-90 Joules
Wide Selection

Inrush Current Limiter

inrush current limiters - miniAmp
4-220 Ohms
.25-3A SSI
2-8 Joules
Space Saving
inrush-current-limiter-as-mini-leads-75 Transformer Inrush Solution using inrush current limiters for transformers. Includes examples.
inrush-current-limiter-kinked-75 Inrush Current F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions about inrush current limiters - Power Thermistors
inrush-current-limiter-as-ms-sl-75 Special Thermistors Limit Inrush Current
PCIM October 1998
by: Mehdi Samii

Surge-Gard Inrush Current LimiterRTI ElectronicsRTI NTC Thermistor

AMETHERM Acquires SURGE-GARD™ Inrush Current Limiter Product Line from Measurement Specialties

October 1st, 2013 - Ametherm today announced that it has acquired the SURGE-GARD™ inrush current limiter product line, formerly manufactured by RTI Electronics, from Measurement Specialties Inc.

Ametherm has also acquired all of the assets of the NTC Disc Thermistor, NTC Chip Thermistor, and NTC Surface Mount Thermistor Lines.

Ametherm will be fulfilling all open and new orders from our manufacturing facility in Carson City, Nevada.