Glass-Encapsulated Thermistors For Automotive and Industrial Applications

Glass encapsulated thermistors

Application Overview

Ametherm’s DG series glass-encapsulated thermistors provide long-term stability and reliability for high-accuracy temperature sensing in automotive and industrial applications. Hermetically sealed, the thermistors eliminate errors in resistance readings due to moisture penetration, while offering high operating temperatures and a compact size.

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DG Series Application Benefits

    • Provides faster, more accurate, and less expensive alternatives to thermocouples and RTD probes
    • Free from limitations due to solder temperature, which enables them to offer users a wide operating temperature range of −55 °C to +200 °C.
    • The sensing thermistor’s small size allows for encapsulation in a variety of housings, such as ring lugs and hex nuts



  • Available in four resistance values at 25 °C: 10 kΩ,40 kΩ, 50 kΩ, and 100 kΩ
  • Tolerances down to +- 2 %
  • Dissipation constant of 3.0 mW/°C
  • Thermal time constant of 6 s
  • TCRs of –3.9%/°C, -4.40 %/°C, and -4.75 %/°C
  • Beta values of 3500 °K, 3950 °K, 4036 °K, and 4200 °K
  • 32 AWG dumet wire leads

Visit our NTC Thermistors Glass Encapsulated DG Series product page to learn more about their features, benefits, and applications.


Datasheets and Buy It Now Links

Datasheet Link R (kΩ) TCR (%/ °C) Beta (°k) Digi-Key Mouser
DG-103395 10 -4.40 3950 570-1177-ND 995-DG103395
DG-104410 100 -4.75 4200 570-1182-ND 995-DG104410
DG-403410 40 -4.40 3950 570-1180-ND 995-DG403410
DG-503410 50 -4.75 4036 570-1181-ND 995-DG503410
DG-103350 10 -3.90 3435 570-1178-ND 995-DG103350

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