NTC Thermistor-Probe Assembly with Ring Lug

PANR - Probe Assembly with Ring Lug

Temperature sensing and control with Ametherm NTC Thermistors – PANR

An NTC Thermistor: Probe Assembly with a Ring Lug is a temperature sensing device that consists of a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistor enclosed within a probe housing, featuring a ring lug for easy installation. Ametherm can create custom probes for you, to fit whatever application you have.

Here’s a brief overview of the uses and benefits of our PANR Probe Assembly with Ring Lug:


  1. Temperature Sensing: NTC thermistor-probe assemblies are primarily used for accurate temperature measurement in various applications.
  2. HVAC Systems: They play a crucial role in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to maintain precise temperature control.
  3. Industrial Automation: These assemblies are vital in industrial processes to monitor and regulate temperature for quality control and safety.
  4. Medical Equipment: NTC thermistor-probe assemblies ensure precise temperature control in medical devices like incubators and patient monitoring systems.
  5. Automotive: They are used in automotive applications, including engine management, climate control, and battery temperature monitoring.

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PANR Mechanical Specifications

Key Specifications:

  • Resistance at 25 ºC from 10 kΩ to
    250 kΩ
  • Beta from 3,000 K to 4,500 K
  • Dissipation constant of 3 mW/ºC
  • Thermal time constant of from 8.0s to 40.0 s
  • Max. power of 125 mW
  • Operating Temperature Range -50ºC to 150ºC
Mechanical Specifications(mm)
A9.5 ± .1
B3.7 ± .1
C6.6 ± .5
D150.0 ± 10.0
E6.0 ± .5
F6.0 ± .5
G1.0 ± .1
H20.4 ± .2
Lead Wire Gauge24 AWG Solid Teflon Insulated
Ring Lug#6 Stud

PANR Electrical Table

Part Number R @ 25ºC
PANR 103350-43010.03,435570-1460-ND
PANR 10335010.03,435
PANR 103395-19810.03,950PANR103395-198-ND
PANR 103395-27410.03,950
PANR 103395-33510.03,950
PANR 103395-34210.03,950955-PANR103395-342
PANR 103395-40810.03,950570-1066-ND
PANR 103395-42910.03,950995-PANR103395-429
PANR 103395-61710.03,950995-PANR103395-617
PANR 103395-62710.03,950570-PANR103395-627-ND995-PANR103395-627
PANR 10339510.03,950570-1402-ND995-PANR103395
PANR 104450100.04,500570-1414-ND995-PANR104450
PANR 3023953.03,950570-1416-ND995-PANR302395
PANR 303395-76230.03,950
PANR 303395-76330.03,950
PANR 103395-275PANR103395-275-ND

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