Quality and Certifications

“Simple Perfection” is the goal of Ametherm’s Total Quality Management program, and everyone at Ametherm is encouraged to simplify processes to achieve perfection. Upper management champions quality, and the Quality Manager is on the board of directors of Ametherm.  The quality personnel’s main function at Ametherm is as a facilitator and liaison for the various functional areas of Ametherm, its vendors, and customers.

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Ametherm’s components are either RoHS Compliant or Compliant with Exemptions 7a and 7c-I:

7a: Lead in high melting temperature type solders

7c-I: Electrical and electronic components containing lead in a glass or ceramic other than dielectric ceramic in capacitors.
The element is made up of oxides (Manganese, Copper, Nickel) and those are considered ceramic material.Material breakdowns are available upon request.3rd party testing is done by Integrated Service Technology (Set to be renewed in July 2018) with documentation available:
SL32, SL18, SL03, SL05, MS15, SL12, MS35, MS32
ACC, PANW, SG, SM, SL10, NT, SL22, SL15, SL08

Dodd-Frank Act/EICC

We ensure that our Tin and Solder do not come from conflict areas
(Revision 4.1 available – last updated on June 12, 2015).Declaration
Smelter List
-ISO 9001:2015
Please see the certificate below:
IOS 9001:2015 (Recertified as of April 2018)
UL (File # E209153)

Please see the below link for a full list of UL Certified Ametherm’s components:


-CSA (File #CA110861/RTI File #204620)

Please see the below link for a full list of CSA Certified Ametherm’s components:
Ametherm CSA Certified Parts* RTI CSA File cancelled May 2013, former RTI CSA Part Numbers are broken down below: EX: SG321R0-21-S….SG 405
SG = Surge Gard
32 = 32mm diameter Maximum
1R0 = 1.0 ohm +/-20%
-21 = 21.0 Amp steady state current
S = The lead material is copper clad steel.

http://www.gadsl.org/ We do not use any of the substances on the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List.

Ametherm’s components do not contain any of the substances on the SVHC 191 (List last updated on June 27, 2018).List of substances available here: SVHC 191
-Halogen Free

Cl, Br, F, I, At

All Ametherm Thermistors are Halogen Free.


-Mercury Free
HgAll Ametherm Thermistors are Mercury Free per Canadian Regulation SOR/2014-254 which is to take effect in November 2015