Inrush Current Limiters

Inrush Current Limiter Data Sheets

Ametherm’s broad line of NTC Thermistors for inrush current limiting applications can be used in circuits of up to 480 VAC. Many of Ametherm’s inrush current limiters have UL and/or CSA recognition and are available worldwide. Access inrush current limiter data sheets

Inrush Current Limiting Calculators

Ametherm’s inrush current limiters are designed to protect your components from damaging levels of inrush current at startup. Determine your inrush current limiting needs with our Inrush Energy Calculator and Power Thermistor Selection Calculator. Visit our inrush current limiting calculator page

FAQs About Inrush Current Limiting

Find answers to common questions about stopping inrush current, such as: What Is Inrush Current? How Is Inrush Current Limited? Passive or Active Protection for Inrush Current? What is an Inrush Current Limiting Thermistor (Surge Limiter)? What Types of Inrush Current Limiting Thermistors are Available? Are NTC Thermistors Common for Inrush Current Protection? What About the Cool Down Time of an Inrush Current Limiter? More frequently asked questions about inrush current limiting

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Ametherm Derating Curve

View a diagram of Ametherm’s derating curve on this page.

Ametherm Zero Power Resistance Curve