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Inrush Current Limiters are used to reduce the inrush current that occurs when an electrical device is switched on. High inrush current is the result of the maximum instantaneous input current drawn by an electrical device during the initial power up. As technology continues to advance, most systems today run efficiently and maintain a low impedance which in turn contributes to high inrush current.

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Inrush Current Limiters


The AS Series of Inrush Current Limiters are used in high energy applications and short term high current.


Surge-Gard Inrush Current Limiters Formerly of RTI Electronics.

Standard Inrush Current Limiters

Standard Inrush Current Limiters come in a wide array of sizes, values, and ratings.


The Big AMP series of Inrush Current Limiters are used in high energy applications and short term high current.

MS35 Inrush Current Limiter

The MS35 is our most rugged Inrush Current Limiter for up to 680 volts.

PTC Inrush Current Limiters

PTC Thermistor for Inrush Current Protection.  Rated for up to 680 Volts.


These Inrush Current Limiters are UL and CSA approved.

Mini Amp Miniature Inrush Current Limiters where cool operation is desired

The Mini-AMP Inrush Current Limiter is great for compact power applications.

Mega Surge Inrush Current Limiters

The Mega Surge Inrush Current Limiters are best used when you have higher than average voltage and current requirements.

Inrush Current Limiter Data Sheets

Additionally, devices that produce alternating current such as electric motors or transformers can draw several times their steady state current at switch on.

Although this additional draw of inrush often lasts less than ½ of a normal 60 hertz cycle, that is enough time to cause possible damage to the equipment.


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