BigAMP Datasheet

How Does the bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter Work?

The bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter absorbs high amounts of inrush current when electrical equipment is turned on by offering a high resistance to current and quickly decreasing in resistance once steady state current begins to flow through the thermistor.

In a switching power supply, the instantaneous surge energy is caused by the large input filter capacitors and AC input voltage.

During the absorption of energy, the initial high resistance of the thermistor drops within milliseconds to a negligible resistance in preparation of allowing high levels steady state current to flow with a minimal loss of power through the circuit.

The bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter will absorb up to 260 joules of input energy and carry 36 amperes of steady state current.

The bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter is useful in:

  • Switching Power Supplies
  • AC Motors
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Other equipment that can be improved with inrush current protection

***Data Sheets for bigAMP Inrush Current Limiters Below***

Ametherm’s bigAMP Inrush Current Limiters are specially designed thermistors able to withstand up to 36 amperes of continuous current and 260 joules of input energy.

How to specify the right bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter for your application:

  • Use the maximum allowable surge current and Ohm’s Law to determine the least allowable resistance at turn on for your application
  • Using the formula J = .5CV^2, determine how much input energy the thermistor will absorb when the device is turned on
  • Determine the maximum steady state current that will flow through the bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter
  • Select the bigAMP Inrush Current Limiter that will work for your application
Part Number (PDF)ULCSAResistance @ 25 °CJoules MaxSSI MaxMax Cap 120 VACMax Cap 240 VACD Max (mm)T Nom (mm)Digi-KeyMouser
SL32 0R230UL0.3100306,9461,736316.0570-1393-ND995-SL32-0R230
SL32 0R530CSA
SL32 0R536CSA0.51503617,3664,341315.0570-1057-ND995-SL32-0R536
SL32 1R030ULCSA1.01603011,1142,778315.0570-1059-ND995-SL32-1R030
SL32 1R036CSA1.01603611,1142,778316.0570-1060-ND995-SL32-1R036
SL32 2R023ULCSA2.02502317,3664,341316.0570-1061-ND995-SL32-2R023
SL32 2R025ULCSA2.02502520,8395,209317.0570-1062-ND995-SL32-2R025
SL32 4R023UL4.02002313,8933,473316.3570-1063-ND995-SL32-4R023
SL32 5R020ULCSA5.02002013,8933,473316.0570-1064-ND995-SL32-5R020
SL32 10015ULCSA10.01501510,4192,604316.0570-1058-ND995-SL32-10015