MS35 Inrush Current Limiting Power Thermistor

The MS35 Series of inrush current limiters by Ametherm are capable of handling up to 800 Joules of energy and 10 A to 50 A of steady-state current. These power thermistors are rugged and built to last even in the most demanding high-power applications. The MS35 Series play a key role in alternative and green energy applications by avoiding current spikes in power generated from wind turbines, solar panels, and other sources as it’s fed into batteries, inverters, and additional energy storage components.

These inrush current limiters are also used to regulate the release of battery energy in electric vehicles and in pre-charge circuits for many different types of battery chargers.

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MS35 Application Benefits: 

  • Helps to protect rectifiers and other downstream components from damage caused by sudden current spikes, which can dramatically shorten the life of batteries if not adequately controlled
  • Handle the same amount of energy as power resistors in a smaller package, saving valuable circuit board space
  • Provide simple one-component alternatives to using power resistors with timers and relays, reducing costs and greatly simplifying designs


MS35 Technical Details

  • Capable of handling up to 800 joules of energy and steady-state currents from 10 A to 50 A
  • Resistance values from 0.5 Ω to 20 Ω
  • Dissipation constants from 78 mW/°C to 102.45 mW/°C
  • Thermal time constants from 65 s to 240 s
  • Body temperatures up to 235 °C at 100% of their maximum current rating
  • Maximum capacitance from 1000 µF to 1800 µF at 680 vac
  • Featuring diameters of 35 mm (nominal) and 38 mm and thickness of 9.2 mm (nominal)


Max cap (µF)
120 vac
Max cap (µF)
240 vac
Max cap (µF)
480 vac
D Max
T Nom
MS35 1R04014080055,00013,8933,4733711570-1025-ND 995-MS35-1R0409006141
MS35 2R03523575051,90013,0243,256377570-1027-ND 995-MS35-2R0359006168
MS35 3R03033075051,60013,0243,2563710570-1028-ND 995-MS35-3R030 9006184
MS35 5R02552560041,25010,4192,6043810570-1029-ND 995-MS35-5R025
MS35 0R5500.55050062,00015,6293,907379 570-1023-ND 995-MS35-0R550 9006133
MS35 10018101850034,0008,6832,1703711570-1024-ND 995-MS35-10018 9006150
MS35 20010201050034,0008,6832,1703711570-1026-ND 995-MS35-200109006176


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