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Inrush Current Limiters

These miniature inrush current limiters are your solution for space-sensitive applications. The miniAMP series is designed for applications where board space is limited and cool operation is desired. The cost effective miniAMP inrush current limiter is an efficient way to protect components such as relays, diodes, and fuses from inrush current. The miniAMP series is available in 3, 5, and 8mm diameters and weigh as little as .06 grams. The miniAMP series cold resistance ranges from 5 ohm to 220 ohm.

This inrush current limiter series is rated for 250 mA to 3 Amperes continuous current and up to 20 joules of input energy. The operating temperature range is -40 to +150 degrees C. The radial leaded inrush current limiter is available on kinked or straight leads. The standard lead length is 1/2 inch. The miniAMP inrush current limiters are packaged bulk and are available on Tape and Reel. Lead time for production quantities is less than two weeks. Evaluation samples are shipped within three days.
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DTLead DiameterSL 
08 mm Max3.0 mm Max.06 mm Nom5 mm Nom38.0 mm MinStraight Leads

D Max
T Nom
SL08 2R503Y 2.531084570-1120-ND995-SL08-2R503 
SL08 4R003Y 4.031084 995-SL08-4R003 
SL05 4R003  4.03564570-1085-ND995-SL05-4R0039006621
SL05 5R001  5.01564570-1084-ND995-SL05-5R0019006656
SL08 5R002Y 5.021084570-1121-ND995-SL08-5R002 
SL08 5R003 Y5.031084 995-SL08-5R003 
SL08 7R002 Y7.02883 995-SL08-7R002 
SL03 10001  10.01233570-1088-ND995-SL03-100019006400
SL08 10002YY10.021085570-1094-ND995-SL08-100029006702
SL08 20002  20.02894570-1083-ND  
SL05 30001  30.01363570-1086-ND995-SL05-300019006591
SL08 33001Y 33.01884570-1095-ND995-SL08-33001 
SL08 50001Y 50.011284570-1096-ND995-SL08-500019006915
SL08 12101Y 120.011084570-1097-ND995-SL08-12101 9006559
SL03 22101  220.01233570-1087-ND995-SL03-22101