Ametherm’s DG series of Glass Encapsulated thermistors are a special breed of NTC thermistors. Hermetically sealed, these small thermistors eliminate resistance reading errors caused by moisture penetration and they function efficiently in extreme temperatures as well as under severe environmental conditions.

This class of thermistor is free from limitations due to solder temperature, which enables them to offer users a wide operating temperature range of “-55 °C to +200 °C”. With diameters of only 1.5 mm, the devices’ small size allows for encapsulation in a variety of housings, such as ring lugs and hex nuts.

Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor

Glass Encapsulated DG Series of NTC Thermistors

Industrial Applications

The DG series is equipped with Negative Temperature Coefficient characteristics, which enable them to provide long-term stability and reliability.



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Ametherm’s DG glass-encapsulated thermistors provide long-term stability and reliability for high accuracy temperature sensing applications. They are commonly associated with industries such as:

  • HVAC
  • Medical
  • Automotive



  • High precision resistance and β value with an operating temperature range of -40~ +250 °C.
  • Greater accuracy and a faster response makes them an efficient and cost effective alternative to RTD probes and thermocouples.
  • Their compact size allows for encapsulation in a variety of custom housings such as ring lug and hex nuts.



  • Temperature measurement and control commonly used in HVAC applications.
  • Temperature control in common household appliances such as coffee makers, ovens, and refrigerator’s.
  • Industrial applications may include monitoring battery pack terminal temperature while in a charge state.
  • Medical applications that rely on airflow such as respirators.
  • Outdoor applications such as infrared lighting systems.


  • Available in 4 resistance values at 25°C; 10 kΩ, 40 kΩ, 50 kΩ, 100 kΩ. Tolerance down to ±2%.
  • Dissipation Constant of 3.0 m W/°C.
  • Thermal Time Constant of 6s.
  • TCRs if – 3.9% /°C -4.4%/°C and -4.75 %/° C.
  • Beta values of 3435 °k, 3950 °k, 4036 °k, 4200 °k.
  • 32 AWG dumet wire leads.


DG Datasheet

Part NumberR (kΩ)Beta (°k)Digi-KeyMouser
DG-103395103950570-1177-ND 995-DG103395
DG-503410504036570-1181-ND 995-DG503410

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