There are many potential applications for NTC thermistors.  Their accuracy and stability make them highly useful for a wide range of purposes.  These applications include temperature measurement, compensation, and control.

NTC thermistor probes are generally used as resistance thermometers. They are extremely versatile and accurate, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications that measure temperature. Thermistor probes work especially well for lower range of temperatures.

There are many automotive and transportation, and military applications for NTC thermistor probes, including industrial process controls, emissions controls, and differential temperature controls.  Thermistor probes can be used in automobile and truck tire curing, as well as for monitoring and controlling engine temperatures. They are even used in missiles and spacecraft.

Some more potential equipment uses of NTC thermistor probes are for plastic laminating and hot glue, as well as fire protection and safety.  Copy machines and industrial soldering irons both use NTC thermistor probes.  Hot mold and chemical analysis equipment is another potential application for NTC thermistor probes.

Other uses for NTC thermistor probes range from applications for sensor assemblies and industry to telecommunications, as well as many kinds of medical, laboratory, and scientific instruments and testing.   They are used in fiber and photographic processing, solar, meteorological, geological, and oceanographic research equipment, as well as consumer and household appliances.

You may well already have NTC thermistor probes being used in your burglar alarm and fire detectors, for your oven, air conditioning, refrigerator temperature control, or fever thermometer. There are more specific applications for NTC thermistor probes that include bathythermography, calorimetry, titration, spectrophotometry, osmometers, bolometry, and thermodilution.

Potential instrumentation applications seem endless as well.  NTC thermistor probes can be used for motor winding compensation, transistor temperature compensation, infrared sensing compensation, gain stabilization and piezoelectric temperature compensation.

While the majority of NTC thermistor applications are based on their resistance-temperature characteristic, they can also be grouped according to other basic electrical applications.  For example, current-time uses include time delay, surge suppression, and sequential switching.  Among the voltage-current uses are vacuum manometers, anemometers, automatic gain, amplitude and level control, flow meter voltage regulation, liquid level control and fluid velocity, alarm volume, signal expansion and compression and thermal conductivity analysis as well switching devices and gas detection.

Ametherm’s NTC Thermistor probes can be used for through-hole applications, temperature detection and compensation, as well as circuit protection. There are NTC thermistor probes available to fit nearly any design or desired application.   Ametherm’s NTC Thermistor probes are all rugged and reliable over a wide temperature range and built using high temperature materials for long life and durability.  Our NTC Thermistor probes are also available in several custom configurations.