Ametherm’s NTC Disc Thermistors Now in Stock at Rhopoint

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Ametherm’s NTC Disc Thermistors Now in Stock at Rhopoint 

CARSON CITY, Nev. — November 11, 2015 — Ametherm today announced that its NTC disc thermistors acquired from Measurement Specialties (formerly RTI Electronics) are now being stocked by UK-based Rhopoint Components.

Ametherm’s NTC disc thermistors deliver high stability and maximum sensitivity for temperature measurement, compensation, and control in applications such as fan motor controls, fluid levels, and temperature sensors in a wide range of end products. 

With diameters from 2.54 mm to 12.7 mm and profiles from 0.64 mm to 5.33 mm, the NTC disc thermistors feature resistance at 25 °C from 4 Ω to 150 kΩ, precision tolerances to 1 %, Beta from 3000 °K to 5000 °K, and high-temperature operation to + 150 °C. The devices offer dissipation constants from 3 mw/°C to 17 mw/°C and thermal time constants down to 5 s. RoHS-compliant, the leaded components are available in insulated and non-insulated configurations.

“Rhopoint Components has been carrying RTI Electronics and Measurement Specialties products for over 20 years, so we are very pleased to have them round out this offering acquired by Ametherm with our NTC disc thermistors,” said Mehdi Samii, vice president of sales and engineering at Ametherm.

“Ametherm’s NTC disc thermistors make an exciting addition to our portfolio,” said Ian Moore, Sales and Marketing Director at Rhopoint Components. “Ametherm’s reputation for high reliability and accuracy is quickly gaining traction in the U.K., and we’re pleased to be complementing that with our expert technical support team, which is available in the field and over the phone to help with any customer application.”

Samples and production quantities of the NTC disc thermistors are available now, with lead times of five six for large orders.

About Ametherm
Ametherm, headquartered in Carson City, Nevada, was founded in 1994 and specializes in inrush current limiting power thermistors for circuit protection in the power market industry. Ametherm’s devices are some of the highest rated in the industry and provide the widest range of inrush current protection available. For more information, visit or call 800-808-2434.

About Rhopoint Components
Rhopoint Components has been meeting the exacting demands of the international marketplace in precision electronic components and sensor products since 1975. Rhopoint Components offers a very high level of field and internal technical and commercial support for all our products ranges, backed by an efficient stocking and distribution operation. We take pride in the fact that our level of product knowledge is the same as that of our manufacturing partners, enabling our customers to get quick answers to their technical questions.

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