Ametherm to Showcase Leading Inrush Current Limiters and NTC Sensing Thermistors at APEC 2018

Ametherm announced its product lineup for the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2018. The company will be showcasing a wide range of its leading NTC and PTC inrush current limiters for reliable circuit protection and NTC thermistor sensors for high-accuracy temperature compensation and measurement.

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Featured inrush current limiters at APEC 2018 will include the company’s MS35 series of rugged NTC thermistors.  Perfect for applications such as wind turbines, solar power inverters, battery chargers, and DC/DC converters. Designed to withstand high input energy from 500 J to 750 J and steady-state currents from 10 A to 50 A.  This device also offers resistance at 25ºC from 0.5 Ω to 20 Ω and thermal time constants from 65s to 240s. Featuring a diameter of 38 mm and thickness less than 10 mm, these thermistors do the same job as a power resistor and relay, yet in a smaller single-part alternative, saving valuable circuit board space.

In addition, Ametherm will be showcasing its MM35-DIN series of inrush current limiting NTC thermistors.  This product is designed to withstand high input energy of 1200 J and steady-state currents from 50.0 A to 80.0 A at 680 V.  Offered in DIN-rail-mountable packages, these inrush current limiters are optimized for high-power industrial and green energy applications, including variable frequency motor drives, wind turbines, large inverters, single- and three-phase motors, and transformers. The MM35-DIN series features resistance at 25 °C from 0.2 Ω to 1.5 Ω, with maximum power of 38.4 W.

Ametherm’s NTC sensing thermistors on display will include the PANR 103395-342 probe assembly with a ring lug for easy and secure mounting to battery terminals. The device is extremely accurate and experiences minimal drift from its initial electrical values to provide a high-stability replacement for thermocouples. The temperature probe features a high-dielectric withstand voltage, resistance at 25 °C of 10 kΩ, beta of 3950° K, and dissipation constant of 8 mW/°C.

As the premier event in applied power electronics, APEC focuses on the practical and applied aspects of the power electronics business. More information on the conference and exposition is available at

Ametherm products are available direct from Ametherm or through distributors such as Digi-Key and Mouser.  Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have or for free sample requests.

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