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NTC Thermistor: Customized Solution for Temperature Sensing

Here at Ametherm we manufacture customized NTC thermistors to fit the needs of any application. Our engineers will work closely with you to create a high-accuracy, custom-made thermistor in an efficient manner.

    • Thermistor Uses: NTC thermistors are typically used for temperature measurement, control, and compensation.

    • Industrial Application: More specifically, they are the ideal choice for IGBT chips and heatsinks in welding equipment, plasma cutters, air sensors, electric motors, and HVAC systems.

    • Ametherm Advantage: Do you have a unique application? No problem. Our engineers can customize each thermistor to fit your system's required resistance values, tolerances, beta values, insulation resistance, and dielectric voltage breakdown.

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Thermistor Product Features:

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Customized Configurations:

Work one-on-one with our engineers to build a device to meet your individual needs.

Durable Design:

Receive a trusted product with a reliable and rugged design that’s built to last.

Extreme Accuracy:

Achieve excellent temperature sensing capabilities with our specially formulated metal oxide ceramic material.

Superior Performance:

Experience the added benefits of a custom-made probe or a standard off-the-shelf solution from Ametherm.

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featured in electrical design magazine's top 101 components of 2014

NTC Thermistor Application Resources

Calculating Beta

Predict the resistance of an NTC Thermistor Probe at a given temperature

Temperature Measurement
One of the easiest ways to measure temperature with an NTC Thermistor Probe is to use a Wheatstone bridge.
Steinhart & Hart Equation
Predict the resistance of an NTC Thermistor Probe at a given temperature - Most accurate method
Power Dissipation for Temperature Detection Circuits
Account for power dissipation in an NTC Thermistor Probe temperature detection circuit.
Calculating the Temperature Coefficient
NTC Thermistor Probes are a good alternative to semiconductor circuitry for temperature related problems.
Temperature Compensation Circuits
An NTC Thermistor Probe is a common method of compensating for temperature changes in coils and solenoids.
Accurate Temperature Measurements
Guidelines for achieving the most accurate measurements using an NTC Thermistor Probe.
Temperature - Wheatstone Bridge
To calculate the life expectancy of a Thermistor Probe follow these steps.