ACCU-CURVE™ Thermistors for High Accuracy Temperature Sensing

What’s an ACCU-CURVE™ Thermistor?

ACCU-CURVE™ thermistors are used for high-accuracy temperature sensing, control, and compensation in medical, industrial, and automotive applications. They also deliver long-term stability and reliability, while offering interchangeability over a broad temperature range.

This eliminates the need to individually calibrate or provide circuit compensation for part variability. Accurate temperature measurement to ±0.2°C is available over the 0°C to 70°C temperature range. Standard ohmic values at 25°C range from 2,252 to 100,000 ohms.

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ACCU-CURVE™ Thermistor vs. Thermocouple

For applications that require a high degree of measurement accuracy over a wide temperature range, ACCU-CURVE™ NTC thermistors are the ideal choice. They offer long-term stability and accuracy, whereas a thermocouple’s accuracy degrades overtime.  An ACCU-CURVE™ thermistor also has the ability to give high accuracy temperature sensing compared to a thermocouple. Both thermocouple and semiconductor-based sensors have much lower stability at 1 and 2 °C per year respectively.

Stability is important in applications that need to be operational for many years.  The effects of stability can be mitigated if the system can be calibrated from time to time, though this comes with the trade-off of introducing maintenance complexity and cost.  Ideally, the stability of the system is enough to extend through the entire expected operating life.” – Chad Terry, Process Engineer at Ametherm

What is an Interchangeable Thermistor?

Interchangeability eliminates the burden of individual calibration and ACCU-CURVE™ Thermistors are industry standard capable of accuracy to ± 0.05 °C. Standard resistance value range from 2.252 kilo-ohm (KΩ) to 100 kilo-ohm (KΩ) using -4.4% per °C temperature coefficient or-4.7% per °C temperature coefficient.

Why Choose ACCU-CURVE™ Thermistors?

These thermistors are a good choice for high accuracy applications because they:

  • Exhibit good long term stability
  • Typically show less than 1% change in resistance over a span of 10 years
  • Exhibit high sensitivity
  • Have thermally conductive epoxy coating
  • Are ROHS compliant
  • Track a specific resistance (temperature curve over span of 0°C to 70°C).

“Our ACCU-CURVE™ series thermistors provide designers with faster, less-expensive alternatives to RTD probes and thermocouples — without compromising on accuracy.”- Mehdi Samii, Vice President of Engineering at Ametherm


Thanks for reading! ACCU-CURVE™ thermistors are available direct or through Mouser. As always, feel free to contact our engineers for questions or to request a sample. 

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