MS22 12103 – 120 ohm / 3 Amp Inrush Current Limiter

Mechanical Specifications
D:23.00 mm
T:10.0 mm
Lead Diameter:1.0 mm nom
S:7.8 mm nom
L:38.0 mm nom
Coating Run Down4.0 mm
B:9.20 mm nom
C:7.60 mm nom
Electrical Specifications
Resistance @ 25°C120 Ω ± 25 %
Max Steady State Current3 Amps
Max Recommended Energy220 Joules
Max Capacitance @ 120 VAC15,000 µF
Max Capacitance @ 240 VAC3,820 µF
Max Capacitance @ 440 VAC883 µF
Max Capacitance @ 680 VAC440 µF
Resistance @ 100% Max Current1.28 Ω
Resistance @ 50% Max Current2.65 Ω
Body Temperature @ Max Current165 °C
Dissipation Constant75.4 mw/°C
Thermal Time Constant124 s
Material Type (For Beta and Curve)M
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